What Your Ice Is Telling You About Your Refrigerator

The ice maker in your refrigerator can really come in handy. You get ice on demand to keep your drinks cold any time you need it. The ice that comes out of your refrigerator can tell you a lot about the ice maker and how you can repair it. Pay attention to the ice coming from your machine so you can make the necessary repairs. Read on for what you should look for.

Small Ice Cubes

Small ice cubes coming out of your ice maker could indicate a clog or a kink in your water line. If there isn't enough water coming into the ice maker, you aren't going to get full-sized cubes. Pull out your refrigerator and take a look at the water line coming into your machine. Follow the line and look for any kinks in the water line. If you see a kink, you can try to bend it back into place or replace the water line altogether. A kinked water line may also cause your water to come out slowly as well if you have an exterior water dispenser. 

The line can get clogged with calcium buildup. If this happens you should replace the water line altogether.

Smelly Ice Cubes

If your water stinks or doesn't taste very good, you may need to replace your water filter inside the refrigerator. The filter helps clean out any impurities in your water so you have filtered water for your water dispenser and for your ice cubes. This filter should be replaced every six months. Some refrigerators will actually tell you when to replace the filter. These filters can be found at most big box hardware stores that sell appliances, or you can find them at most appliance stores or parts stores.

Ice Stuck Together

If all of your ice is stuck together or feels wet, you may need to adjust the thermostat in your refrigerator. Set it to a colder setting to help prevent your ice from sticking together. Ice that is stuck together may get stuck in your ice dispenser and you may have to remove the ice by hand. On the flip side if your refrigerator is set too cold you may have freezer burned ice cubes. Make the necessary adjustments to your thermostat depending on what your ice looks and feels like.

The ice in your ice maker can tell you a lot about your refrigerator/freezer. Pay attention to your ice when you get it from the dispenser to ensure your ice tastes and smells good and is a full-sized cube. If you aren't sure what's going on with your ice maker, call a refrigerator repair company like A1  Professional Appliance Service and Repair for help.