Tips For Defrosting A Window Air Conditioner

When you're air conditioner is doing its job, your home will feel cool and comfortable. Unfortunately, there can be problems with the unit that cause the air conditioner to freeze with ice. You'll need to take the following steps to defrost it.

Turn Off The Air Conditioner

Leaving the appliance on will cause the air conditioner to turn on occasionally and keep the coils frozen. This is not good, which is why the air conditioner needs some time turned off so it can thaw out.

If you leave the unit off for a few hours, the ice will slowly start to melt. You can always put a towel directly underneath the unit so that it absorbs the water that melts from the coils. This will prevent the unit from making a mess in your home.

Clean The Air Conditioner's Filter

Letting the ice melt off the coils is not enough, because if there is a specific reason that caused the ice to form, it will just happen again when you use your air conditioner. A common reason why this is happening can be from a clogged air filter. When the filter is clogged, dirt will collect on the unit's coils. The dirt actually prevents the coils from transferring the cold temperatures it produces to the air. This is why the coils can freeze over.

Some air conditioners have filters that are removable and reusable. Simply pop them out of the unit, then scrub them down with soap and water to remove all of the dirt. If there is a replaceable filter, you can get a new one at your local home improvement store. Cotton or fiberglass filters will work just fine, but HEPA filters are recommended for people that have allergies. They trap particles that are much smaller, making your air cleaner.

Clean The Air Conditioner's Coils

All that dirt should also be removed from the air conditioner's coils so that it will be able to transfer cold temperatures to the air. Your local home improvement store will sell a coil cleaning solution that is very easy to use. It is sprayed directly onto the dirty coils, and then needs to sit for a short amount of time. You then wipe down the coils with a cloth, and let them dry completely before powering on the air conditioner again.

For help fixing your air conditioner that keeps freezing up, take it to an appliance repair company in your area, such as Ron Hammes Refrigeration.