Ammonia Commercial Refrigeration – What You Should Know

Commercial refrigeration units sometimes use ammonia to operate. Unfortunately, ammonia isn't exactly the safest thing for anyone to be exposed to at high levels. What will happen if you're exposed to ammonia if the refrigeration unit leaks? How do you know there's a leak and what do you do if it happens? Here, you'll find the answers to all three of those questions. Ammonia Exposure Risks When a person is exposed to a corrosive chemical, like ammonia, they may suffer injuries to their eyes, lungs, and skin. Read More 

What Are The Most Common Fridge Repair Issues?

Many of us have no idea what life is like without a refrigerator. Therefore, it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with some of the issues you're likely to face with your fridge. Just like any other appliance, your fridge has certain components within it that can fail due to any one of a number of reasons. However, some of these issues are more likely to occur and this also means that there are known ways of handling these issues when they occur. Read More 

Five Signs You Need Dryer Repair

Your dryer is one of your home's most important appliances, since it is what actually gets your wardrobe ready for you to wear. However, the method in which your dryer works, which involves a significant amount of motion, means that mechanical malfunctions and wear and tear are likely to occur over time. This can prevent your dryer from functioning properly or even at all, and leave you with loads of wet and dirty clothes and a busy workweek coming up. Read More 

What Your Ice Is Telling You About Your Refrigerator

The ice maker in your refrigerator can really come in handy. You get ice on demand to keep your drinks cold any time you need it. The ice that comes out of your refrigerator can tell you a lot about the ice maker and how you can repair it. Pay attention to the ice coming from your machine so you can make the necessary repairs. Read on for what you should look for. Read More 

Tips For Defrosting A Window Air Conditioner

When you're air conditioner is doing its job, your home will feel cool and comfortable. Unfortunately, there can be problems with the unit that cause the air conditioner to freeze with ice. You'll need to take the following steps to defrost it. Turn Off The Air Conditioner Leaving the appliance on will cause the air conditioner to turn on occasionally and keep the coils frozen. This is not good, which is why the air conditioner needs some time turned off so it can thaw out. Read More